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Welcome to the Finnish-Israeli Eco House web site!

Eco House™ is a manufacturer of Finnish timber frame houses and glued log houses. We are leading Passive House manufacturer in Finland. Save your money with our energy saving solutions.

Frame & Passive Houses Eco House

Eco House™ is manufacturing low energy timber frame houses and passive houses in FinlandEco House™ produces 1500 timber frame houses per year! We deliver frame houses around the World. Eco House™ is following the newest energy saving European norms. We deliver Eco House™ low energy and passive frame houses around the World.

Eco House is looking for local Dealers and Construction Companies in Europe and Asia.

Log Houses Eco House™

Eco House manufactures and delivers Finnish glued log houses. Our delivery time is fast, and the quality of log houses is according to European Log norms. Log Houses Eco House from Finland!

Eco House is ready to deliver Log Houses to Europe and Asia. Please contact us with inquiry.

Note! Log house withstands earthquake!

Biofuel from Eco House™

We sell solid biofuel throughout Europe. Today is not a secret that solid biofuel, such as wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets are very popular type of fuel in the entire European Market. Our biofuel is popular not only among the large thermal power plants, but also among many private clients, importers and international trading companies. New cooperations are always welcome for us in this field. New partnerships will allow the increasing and reinforcement of both party's market share, and offering the buyer high-quality biofuels at competitive prices.

Passive windows and doors from Eco House™

Eco House™ seek to monitor the innovative technologies that are increasingly being used in wooden house building area. We are pleased to offer you solar panels, energy saving windows and doors, passive windows, heating pumps, ventilation machnes, as well as many other energy saving construction materials and equipment.

Wooden Houses Eco House™. We are pleased to offer you passive houses and log houses by the latest technology of energy-saving construction.
Sale of timberEco House™ is open for cooperation in this area and is pleased to offer such items as a eaves board from spruce and pine, beech, plywood, and of course so popular glued beams.
Biofuels salesAfter signing the Kyoto treaty, biofuel has become incredibly popular in Europe. We offer the fuel pellets for high quality in any quantity.
Energy-saving technologiesEco House™ sales energy saving doors, windows, heating pumps and conditioners as well as solar energy technology for yur Housing.

Valery Kravitz

Managing Partner

Trading House Eco House was created to provide corporate and private clients the opportunity to apply the latest achievements of environmental...




Eco House is looking for Dealers/Construction Companies in Baltic Countries, other European Countries and in Japan.

Eco House is looking for Delers and Construction Copmanies in Europe: Baltic States, France, UK, Germany, Holland, Poland, Spain, Belgium and other, in Eastern Europe and Japan.


Construction of Log Houses in France, Spain and Germany

Eco House has establisehd the Partnership with Spanish-Finnish Construction Partner. Now we can provide the Construction of your House in Spain, France and Germany.


Glued Log is a best solution for Log House

Eco House offers Glued Logs for Log House Construction! Finnish Glued Log is very strong Construction Material. It is the best Construction Material for sesmic areas of the World.


First ever passive housing area in Finland from Eco House!

9 passive duplexes and 5 townhouses will be belt on the Kostinvirta – region, near Tampere City in Finland. The Construction works will start at April 2010.
The first ever passive housing area will be constructed near Pelkänne Lake. The official name of the cottage area is Kostinvirta passive house area and it will include in total 33 apartments in 9 duplexes and 5 townhouses.

All passive houses will manufacture and deliver Eco House (Ekotalo in Finland);  this houses are ready frame houses, manufactured from ready passive frame walls, including low energy windows and doors, and the roof structure will be delivered by SPU Systems Oy. Eco House will use also SPU insulation in all passive structures. The General Constructor will be Laipanmaan Rakennus Oy.

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