About Eco House

Eco House™ was founded with the aim of providing the market so-called "green" production”.  Our goal is to bring to the final consumer goods that are the achievements of the most modern technologies of energy saving environmentally friendly construction, waste-free production, and other innovative technologies in this field.

That is why the Eco House™ is constantly expanding range of it’s activities. Today we produce and sell energy-saving wood frame houses in more than 30 countries worldwide. Energy-saving building technologies, energy-efficient windows and doors   - It all helps our clients save up to 40% of electricity on average. There is no doubt that the future belongs to such construction and Eco House™ is well aware. 

Eco House™ is an official Dealer of Kontiotuote Oy (log house producer in Finland) in Israel.

Eco House™ produces and sale Worldwide passive houses and low energy frame houses in Finland, Kauhajoki.

Eco House™ is a registered trade mark (Eco House™) in Finland and Israel. All our products has brand Eco House. Wooden houses, energy-efficient windows and doors, biofuel, timber in a large assortment, street lighting and even houses working only on solar energy – this all called world Eco House™.

The signing of the Kyoto agreement allows the Eco House™ to rapidly increase volumes of production and sales of fuel pellets, which have become incredibly popular in Europe. We have proven in the market as high quality producers of biofuels, and today we sell biofuels in Finland, Sweden, Germany and other European Union countries.

In recent years, the global energy market has got the various alternative energy solutions. Eco House™ does not remain on the sidelines. Street lighting, lighting for home based on the use of solar energy offers our customers a large range of energy saving opportunity. Our client list includes government agencies, municipalities, and private sector.

The experience and professionalism of Eco House™ allows us to provide each customer with best possible solutions, based on our knowledge, high level of service and business culture. 

Eco House™ is always ready for honest and constructive dialogue.