Eco House business areas

Eco House™ main business area is log houses and wood houses. You can also buy almost all needed goods, which belonges to the House Delivery.

Frame Houses

Eco House™ manufactures in Finland low energy frame houses, passive houses and ready wall panels, roof panels and floor panels. You can choose the Delivery Content of your frame house or buy ready elements by yourself by price per 1 metre. Please, send us your inquiry. We deliver our frame houses to Russia, Scandinavia, France and Middle East. Eco House™ is now looking for a Distributors in Europe! Please contact us!

Insulation and Passive elements

Eco House is one of the Market Leaders in area of insulation and ready insulation panels. Our polyurethane insulation is very thin, but the U-value is the best on market = 0,024 0,024 W/mK. We sale insulation and ready insulated elemets fot the cottages, small houses and also large buildings and for the reconstruction and renovation of constructions. You can purchase wall elements, roof elements, floor alements and sauna elements from Eco House!

 Log Houses

Being the official distributor of the world's largest plant for the production of log houses, Kontiotuote Oy, we successfully offer high-quality wooden houses, made with the latest timber technology. Our partner Plant in Finland is known in the field of timber construction as a leader in production quality and product development. Each year, the plant supplies more than 2,300 log houses in more than 20 countries worldwide. Eco House™ manufactures luxury villas, which have strong identity cottages from close-grained northern wood for over 35 years. In recent years, our company significantly increased the markets, primarily due to its highest level. Consistently high quality, beautiful architecture, an ongoing and focused search for new optimal solutions along with professional staff provides a solid foundation for further development and formation of our brand. Now days, Eco House™ is an international scale company, which is expanding the markets in Europe, Asia and Russia.

Today the tree is a very high quality construction material. The Finnish wood production has had a tremendous impact on building culture in Europe and worldwide. Today is not a secret that the home, made from Finnish pine; is the most reliable home that can serve you and your descendants for several centuries.

Our log houses made of logs or laminated glued logs meet the highest standards of environmentally healthy lifestyle. The expression "the house that breathes" it was said about our house. The man who once in life has been felt about what does it mean - to live in a log house, will not be able to fully feel at any other house. Incredible positive feeling and permanent good mood does not leave you in the homes of Eco House™.  Always stylish appearance, warm wood tones and natural materials is emphasized with the national peculiarities of architecture virtually anywhere in the world. Mix when northern pine grained structure combined with the most modern technology, is born the concept.

Construction of houses

Eco House provides construction services for log houses and frame houses in Finland, Estonia, Russia, Spain, France, and Germany. We are looking for Partenrs in these countries and in Japan. 


Trading House Eco House™ sells a wide range of sawn timber. In particular, we focus on sales eaves board.

Eaves board of spruce, pine, birch and other species - is one of the most popular products in the construction. Eco House™ sells eaves board, widely used in construction, and for the manufacture of outdoor and home furniture of high quality in Israel, Europe and Russia.

Our technicians carefully inspect the quality of products sold. The reputation of Eco House™ on the market is based on quality and competitive prices. This will give our partners a good basis for fruitful and long cooperation. We work on CIF and FOB conditions mostly with all our partners. Today the main market for our saw logs is not only the Scandinavian countries, but also the Middle East. In particular the company is constantly looking for and develops new business relationships in Israel and Europe.


Trading House Eco House™ offers solid biofuel for small and large buyers: fuel pellets, fuel briquettes, wood chips and other alternative types of solid biofuel. We work with different suppliers and are able to provide any necessary volumes for the CHP and wholesale trade also. Supply of biofuel is carried out by land and sea transport.

Our goal - a strong position in the market of biofuel trade for the needs of our clients working in the industry and the retail market.

Alternative energy


Alternative sources of energy such as solar energy are widely used throughout the world. Eco House™  pays special attention to this field of life.

Solar panels were used in a variety of devices and systems for external and internal lighting. These are: street lights and street lamps, garden lamps and emergency lighting systems, autonomous systems and architectural lighting.

Our products have broad applications. The most well known and in demand our LED lighting systems, is outdoor lighting. Eco House™ sales products and equipment for lighting of highways. This kind of projects has been implemented already in European countries and Middle East.

Heating Pumps

Our designers can add Solar Panels for your Property to save the energy costs,

Please contact us!