About owners

Dear customers, partners and visitors of our site! 

First of all, let us express our gratitude for your interest to the orbit of our trading house. We appreciate your time very much and therefore we have placed only the most necessary information in order to save you time and provide maximum understanding of all aspects of our business.

Today Trading House Eco-House™ is controlled and operated by two partners. We are absolutely confident that you will need to provide professional information on the management of trading houses. 

Kravitz Valery, with university education in economics, after immigrating to Israel in 1996 and his service in the Israel Defense Forces have successfully launched his career in one of the leading companies in its field in Israel. Over the five years of working experience he successfully made a good showing as a leader, who is capable to achieve his goal regardless of obstacles that had to be overcome. On his way from the usual operator to the head of department maintenance and preservation of Russian-speaking clients, Valery has created a lot of good models in customer service, which are still in use in many companies, whose goal is customer service at the highest level.

Departments, which I direct, have repeatedly proved themselves, reaching the highest Israeli and world figures by highly professional work.

Then Mr. Kravitz has successfully established his first company in Israel together with his companion.

The company engaged in consulting services for small and medium businesses, as well as an official distributor of one of the leading cellular operators.

The company still exists and flourishes in its field.

Several years ago, when the business has grown enough, companions, it was decided to divide the main activities into two completely autonomous companies to each of us could immediately focus on your direction.

Today the company "VP Kravitz Investments Ltd", owned by Valery Kravitz, is  company-developer of investment projects in real estate. The company provides a full range of services in real estate in Israel: a legal transaction of real estate in Israel and brokerage services in area of mortgage lending, real estate valuation in accordance with international standards, ECO, MCO, The Red Book, advice on the taxation of real estate transactions, analysis and Forecasting investment and construction projects and the development of investment programs in Israel, Europe and Russia.

"Business as a house, we must begin to build from the foundation. The stronger your foundation is, the better and more reliable will be your home".

Valery Kravitz, managing partner at Trading House «Eco-House™»