Eco House is the European Trader on Biofuel market market.

We provide our clients short-and long-term contracts for the supply of wood fuel pellets and other solid biofuel. Our main types of biofuels are: wood pellets (wood pellets), sunflower husk pellets of (SHP), chips. 

Wood pellets of high quality (white and gray) are used for heating homes by burning in small boilers, furnaces and fireplaces. They usually come with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of less than 50 mm. In Europe, they often sell in 16-20 kilo bags. Big Bags are used for the wholesale.


Demand for wood briquettes and pellets increases in proportion to prices of traditional fuels such as oil and gas. In some European countries, where the market for alternative energy sources the most developed, the granules are heated to 2 / 3 of residential. Such wide distribution is due and this type of environmentally friendly fuel - combustion CO2 emissions equal to the absorption of this gas during the growth of the tree, and the emissions of NOx and volatile organic components significantly reduced through the use of advanced combustion technologies.

The dark granules with a high content of bark are burnt in boilers of greater capacity to produce heat and electricity for settlements and industrial enterprises. Dark granules may be a larger diameter. They sell in bulk lots of two or three thousand tons and more.

Eco House™ sells wood pellets in Finland, Russia, Sweden and other EU countries. 

Working with us, you will have the finest in action, professional, durable and hard-working partner.

Due to the versatility of our activities, we see great prospects for cooperation.

Eco House™ offers supply of biomass for traders, CHP and importers.

Request for supply of solid biofuels can be done via the feedback form.