Areas of biofuel using

Pellets can be used for heating of private houses, small boilers and CHP.

In connection with this we supply biofuel in advance for a particular customer or target group, if the buyer is a wholesaler or importer.

We offer the pellets in the following form:

1. Big Bag 500-1000 kg. (large plastic bags with rings for the elevator, the size of about 1 cubic meter.

2. Plastic bags of 15-20 kg.

3. Bulk.

The quality and scope of granules quite logical. Industrial pellet are used in industry, mainly in CHP. Premium pellets are used for the private sector, for the domestic heating. You can also get acquainted with the international standards for pellets on the Internet.

Fuel briquettes and wood chips are used for burning in thermal power plant. Eco-House™ will not leave their customers without an answer. We will be happy to supply you chips and other biofuel in the long-term contracts. 

Our clients:

Ø Municipal boiler low and medium power.

Ø Large power.

Ø Private consumers (for heating).

Today wood pellets almost replaced the charcoal to the EU market.

Only natural gas is cheaper than granules. However, the price of gas could grow in line with the dynamics of the fuel market. That is why this line of Eco-House™ is one of the main.

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