Advantages of biofuel

Biofuels, as compared with other fuels, is environmentally clean fuel. Solid biofuel, is also cheaper than electricity, diesel, or coal. Due to this, there is an increasing demand for biofuel in Europe, especially in some countries there are special government programs designed to increase biofuel production and use, as well as modification of existing CHP.

Biofuel burning for the generation of electricity or heat - more profitable than burning of coal, oil or other fossil raw materials. In addition, energy companies have significant financial resources to invest in infrastructure projects with long payback - such as the establishment of power plants or boilers to bio fuel, construction of new biofuel production.


1 ton of wood pellets = 3.36 barrels = 420 U.S

1 ton of wood pellets = 20,5 GJ = 237 USD

1 ton of pellets = 4.1-5.1 MW / h per ton of