Model choosing and Construction

For choosing your house, you should first determine what material you would like to chose, and choose the best model for you. After that fill out a form to communicate with you.

Here is a process of Construction of Your house by "key to hands" (In other Countries Eco House will deliver house package by separate agreement):

1) First of all: what type of home you prefer: log house, element-frame house, the home of sliced or laminated log. Choose your model! Models and "Catalogs" are in the left side of this section.

2) After that we will help you to make needed changes to the plan drawings and adjust the Model for your taste. Think about the most appropriate living area of your future home, number of storeys, number of rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms, bedrooms and basement. Do not forget that your home will be manufactured in Finland and for us not be difficult to design for you a real Finnish sauna.

3) Eco House will prepare the Final offer for you with time schedule and final cost. Now you can do your first payment. You can do some changes to design at this stage.

4) Eco House is preparing the permission drawings, and when this stage is ready, we start to build the Foundation of yur House. At the same time we start to produce log house on our Factory in Finland. You can still do some changes to design at this stage: materials, colours and other. Next payment to be done.

5) Your houe is on site and our Constructor is assembling the house.

6) House is ready, we finalise the deal and all final payments to be done.

Use the feedback form and you can contact our specialists who will be happy to advise you on any topic of interest. Competent professionals of  Eco-House™ guarantee you a high quality service.

Choose our log house!