About the Production

The top quality of Eco-House ™ log houses is based on the unique technology of production of wood products and logs.

The plant produces high quality Finnish wooden building materials: logs, laminated beams, laminated logs, log houses and wooden panels. We focus on the interests of the customer and strict quality control.

Our products consists of high-quality natural raw materials, modern design solutions, manufacturing technologies and high professionalism of staff. The main criteria that govern our activities - a responsibility towards society and trusting relationships with customers, partners and staff. During the production process we maintain a policy of reasonable use of natural resources and respect the environment. Using the latest technology, we produce high-quality log houses for environmentally healthy lifestyle.

We clearly observe the interests of employees, and society as a whole, and has a policy of conducting business in an honest relationship with staff, customers and business partners.

Northern Finnish timber with a tight structure of the fibers is a competitive material in different conditions - including areas with special demands on materials and construction.