What is log house Eco House

Log Houses Eco-House ™  environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, safety housing with unique architecture, user-friendly functional solutions, designed and built to your customized turnkey. We want to make your dream of your own home, at last, true!

Eco-House ™ offers log houses for both: private clients and for investors and construction companies, as well as for municipal construction services.

Eco-House ™ log houses withstands earthquake! Please, leave the Equiry for Eco House Log House Package for Your Country. We deliver Log Houses for Export.

Depending on the use of materials, desires and abilities of our customers, wooden houses Eco-House™ can deliver basic wooden house or expencive house (including windows, doors, expencive rails, steps..). So Your house is an individual House. That is why we need your drawings, budget and wishes before we can give you final price and offer for delivery.

Eco-House™ log size:

Round log: 170x144 (139.5) /200x168-5 (164) /230x186 (180) /138x192 (180)

Glued Log: 88x172 (160) / 113x172 (160) / 88x192 (180) / 113x192 (180) / 134x192 (180) / 165x192 (183) / 180x214 (205) / 202x279 (270) / 240x279 (270) / 270x279 (270)

Glued Log House Advantages

You can breathe in a log house well. Recent studies have shown that the air in a log house has a wonderful quality. The tree has excellent insulation properties and ability to align the humidity and temperature in the room. Log binds moisture and uniformly gave it back, if the humidity drops.

Log is optimizing fluctuations in temperature. Summer in a log house will be cool and air will be warm in winter. Autumn and spring accumulates in logs including solar energy.

The log has the features of a distinct identity and it is a unique building material, which creates a unique atmosphere and natural beauty and fits perfectly into any interior, giving the house value and emphasizing it’s individuality.

Installation of glued log is very quick, using minimal amount of labour, and ready external and internal surface of the wall are born simultaneously. The Profile in construction accepts the installation of logs only to right places.

Glued log houses are extremely durable, the most esthetical, as the beams sticking out the core, which accounts for the outer surface is always denser, and it will eventually receive the minimum number of cracks. The agglutination of logs occurs automatically, and each batch is tested thoroughly in our own production plant in the laboratory in Finland. Eco House glued log has a thickness from 88 mm to 270 mm.

Glued laminated log is an ideal building material: it retains the characteristic wood cellular structure, and its shrinkage and cracking is very low. Glued laminated log is made by hot gluing, which is well dried billets heated to a temperature of about 70°C and glued to each other, while being subjected to extrusion. This glue is absorbed deep into the wood to form a solid, leaky glue seam. Very solid core wood is always outside.

Control samples are taken from each bonded party to verify the quality of products. Tests conducted to determine the strength of glue joints and its ability to pass moisture, which ensures a healthy breathable air in the room.After gluing process, logs to be profiled. Simultaneously on the surface of a log is sprayed water-soluble protective structure for protecting the tree from possible exposure to fungi, blue colour or mould for the period of transportation and construction started.

As a result of many years of sales and production development, log houses Eco-House™ stands even most difficult climatic conditions: hurricane winds, horizontal rains, earthquakes of 10 Richter scale and even air-blast.

Frame houses from wooden panels.

Frame wooden panel houses Eco House - is another solution that we offer to our clients. These houses can be one or two floor houses. These houses can be assembled from the elements, which are tightly fastened and are faced with both inside and outside by wooden panels, or other materials: plaster or stone.

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