Why wood?

Tree – a highly environmentally friendly solution for the construction of houses. Living in a log house is more than healthy for people because tree does not cause static electricity on the surface, such as dust and small particles, as it does on the wallpaper. Living in such houses always means more oxygen.

The feeling is comparable to a walk in the primeval forest, never leaves the owners of wooden houses. Tree consumes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, living in a wooden house is very good for health, especially for people suffering from asthma and other allergic diseases.

Finnish technology of growing tree - is unique. Tree growth, certification and the technique of gathering wood are regulated under strict state control. Log house justifies a change in temperature itself.  Log Houses Eco-House™ – is a very promising investment in your property..

Our log house will stand for many centuries, even with minimum maintenance. And so, the liquidity of such houses is obvious! Live in a log house - it means to live in real life, breathing deeply!