Passive & Frame Houses Eco House

Passive & frame houses Eco House™ are produced in Finland, so we can guarantee the quality of our products.

We deliver low energy houses and passive houses due to the understanding of the European energy saving directives. 

Eco House™ will manufacture and deliver timber frame house to any Country. The constructon time of frame house is fast and the final result is very high. We also offer architectural and engineering design services. Eco House™ is able to serve big amount of Customers arond the World. Our production Capacity is 1500 houses per year.

Our frame houses are demanded in Northern and Southern Countries. The loss of heat in winter time and the loss of cool is minimal in our Frame Houses, so it means that heating and cooling expenses are minimized with our frame houses Eco House™. Eco House™ sales timber frame houses in Scandinavia, Russia, Europe and Middle East.

Eco House™ will manufacture and deliver timber frame house with personalised delivery content, including beams, wall panels, insulation, energy saving windows and doors and other (see more in details our delivery contents). 

Wall elements for house  construction 

Eco House™ sales ready wall elements, manufactured by energy saving directives. If you want to buy just external walls with ready installed low energy windows and doors, or roof element, it is also easy and possible to do. We will deliver external wall elements and roof elements according to your drawings. Wall elements: price per metre and roof elements: price per m2. This is very easy for you. 

Ready elements Eco House™ for House Construction (passive house and low energy house):

1) Wall elements

2) Roof elements 

3) Floor elements

Once you have ordered ready wooden elements and needed revetment, you will be able to construct your Frame House in very short time period. As a revetment you can use logs, timber or plaster. With log revetment your house will look like a log house.

The necessary part of energy saving frame houses are energy saving windows and doors. Eco House™ is manufacturing and selling energy saving windows and doors. Windows and doors are including to the Wood elements or delivery content.

Attention! Eco House is looking for a Regional Dealers in Europe and Japan.

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