Passive Houses from Finland!

Determination of Passive House

Passive House means that energy consumption is very low. Passive House takes FREE energy from people, machines and solar energy and use it. It means that you do not need any heating/ cooling systems except when you live in the North and you might need an additional electric battery and/ or the fireplace. According to newest Investigation of Finnish State Research Center "VTT", Paasive House in Lapland needs just 25-35 Kw/h per m2 heating energy and in Helsinki region it is 20-30 Kw/h per m2. The Total energy need for the Passive House is 75-85 Kw/h per m2. So, Your Eco House Passive House use 70% less energy per year.

Eco House Finland defer from  the competitors by high qualty and competetive pricing and we can deliver our huses around the World. The construction of the Passive house is much more saved money than keeping yor money in Bank. After you will by our Passive House, you will save up to 70% of energy costs per year. For example, Finnish house 200-250m2 requires around 2500 euro per year for the energy. When you by Passive House Eco House, you will pay for the enegy just 30% of this sum: 750 euro per year.In every country you will save 70% money for energy costs per year!

Eco House Passive House is:

Passive walls and passive roof elements , wooden low energy windows and doors and Ventilation Combined System (air pump, cool or warm air storage, air distribution system).

Passive House



U = 0,11 W/m2K

  1. External cladding
  2. Ventilation space
  3. SPU Eco House insulation 150 мм
  4. Paroc wool insulation 100 мм frame
  5. Cavity 45 mm
  6. Extra hard plaster board




Eco House passive roof element is SPU element. It is made from laminated beams, polyurethane or wool. All elements are supporting elements and are ready for the easy installation on site. You can make the hole for the Pipe in any place. We have done over 1500 references in housing, office and industrial areas of construction.

Save your time and money!

You will spend 1 month for the usual wooden roof structure on site. instead that:

You will spend 4 hours with our Eco House passive roof elements on site.


 Heating insulation SPU has been used for 40 years in different objects. This insulation has excellent property. It is 1200 x 2400 mm and 30-170mm. Eco House uses this insulation in our passive house walls, floor and other structures. New! The newest test for our insulation: if you keep the fire in perpendicular position apon to wool, it will melt already after 2 minutes. But if you do it with SPU insulation, you have to wait for 15 minutes!


Eco House™ windows are the most frequently used type of windows with the lowest energy consumption.

Energy-efficient design

Windows ALFA have the highest level of thermal insulation and energy conservation are class A. Windows ALFA have been designed to meet the highest requirements of modern construction of buildings with low energy consumption.

Eco House™ offers a four type windows: Nordic, Scandic, Continental and Tradition.

Functionality - the keyword for the windows from the collection of Scandic. Variations of opening systems: from the traditional side to fully reverse. The same profile on all five versions of the opening makes it easy to combine the opening system with each other. One pen looks very elegant and does not clutter create the impression of the whole structure. Please note that you can also offer these windows for your existing House.


Wooden low energy doors are made in Finland. Eco Hous recommend this products fro your Low energy or passive house. You can also offer this product during rehabilitation of your existing building. We have also inside doors in our catalogues.








- FF400-650 -type Ventilation Machine ia made for the private houses with maximum space 450m³ (about. 160m²).
- Air volume max. 80 l/s.

Typical machine FF400-650 includes:
- Ventilation (in/out)
- Heating collection system (plate exchange system) 
- Outgoing Air Pump with cooler
- Heat exchanger: heat energy is transported into the floor heating or warm water in house. (energy is taken summertime from cooler and winter time from outgoing air), the rest of energy use for inside ventilation.
- Air rotation (fireplasce/stove or coocer) heat or cool air uniformly distribution to each room)

- Basic filters (EU 5)

Additional equipment for your House:
- Electron filter 
- Microparticle filter 
- Central vacuum 
- 300 L collector (for ex. Solar 300, where you can swith on the solar energy)



Air ventilation even for the private buildings with space 1000m2. Please make your inquiries for bigger machines too!

Eco House™ is a peoneer in passive house manufacturing in Finland.