Energy-saving technologies

Eco House™ is engaged in energy saving technologies, which directly or indirectly related to the construction industry.

Energy-saving windows and doors

Eco House™ offers customers energy-saving and Noise-Control doors and windows. In recent years the quality of construction has increasingly stringent requirements. We are ready to meet these requirements due to recent developments of our manufacturer in Finland. In 2008 The Factory received the State Award of innovative solutions from Finnish President Tarja Halonen.

Solar Energy

Eco House™ offers customers energy-efficient lighting, running on solar energy, such as street lights for parks, pedestrian streets, carriageways and motorways. Solar energy can also be used in real property.


Eco House™ offers mills to generate energy: from the small boat station up to the wind park unit. For example, the capacity of one unit 1 Mw is able to provide the energy for the whole village.