Energy-saving windows

 Windows Eco House™  is the solution to maximize energy savings.

Scandinavian professionalism demanded for construction standards In the construction of modern buildings, as well as in the repair of old. As a pioneer in this field, Eco House™ offers a window with the best coefficient of energy (E), as in the opening, and in the remote window designs. Eco House™ windows are the most frequently used type of windows with the lowest energy consumption.

Energy-efficient design

Windows ALFA have the highest level of thermal insulation and energy conservation are class A. Windows ALFA have been designed to meet the highest requirements of modern construction of buildings with low energy consumption.

Eco House™ offers a four type windows: Nordic, Scandic, Continental and Tradition.

Functionality - the keyword for the windows from the collection of Scandic. Variations of opening systems: from the traditional side to fully reverse. The same profile on all five versions of the opening makes it easy to combine the opening system with each other. One pen looks very elegant and does not clutter create the impression of the whole structure.

Tight fitting design ensures high functionality, even for large windows. Elegant handle does not clutter the entire window, but only emphasizes his style. Swing-out windows may also be combined with more complex designs. For example, in one box, you can combine the swing-out windows and dull skewed, or arch. All this - swing-out windows Continental.

Vertically collapsible window Tradition, better known in European countries as a traditional "English" window was created using the latest Scandinavian technology. 

The window has, perhaps, one of the most elegant of performances, has excellent ventilation and is very easy to use. The design consists of a three-layer laminated veneer lumber made from carefully selected Nordic wood. Professional full board painting, as well as options for toning and painting allowed us to create a window, which undoubtedly will be the pride of your home.Complete information about windows Eco House™ you will find in our catalog.