Energy-saving doors

Doors Eco House™ are divided into three categories:

Exterior doors, internal doors and sliding doors.

Eco House™ doors are made in three styles: Scandia, Tradia and Familia.

Characteristic features of the product collections Scandia are narrow, high and low and wide openings. You can choose any color that you have in your soul, from endless possibilities of the palette. Doors of Skandia collection can be ordered with energy-saving Class A (ALFA) or B (BEETA).

Inside doors of Scandia collections have modern Scandinavian concept. Robust Sound-Proof construction of doors enhance the comfort of your home or office, and opening and closing will be incredibly soft and pleasant.

Entrance doors from the collection Tradia perfectly fit into the architecture of the estate or the old manor. Impressive size of the panel, an array of wood and a wide variety of engraving glass will form a magnificent view of your main entrance. Doors from this collection have excellent properties for soundproofing. Doors from the collection Tradia can be ordered with energy-saving Class A (ALFA) or B (BEETA).

Unique image of your interior will give paneled interior doors of solid wood and stylish engraved glass from the Tradia collection. Robust Sound-Proof Structure doors increase comfort of your home. Sound absorbing structure will not allow outsiders to penetrate the sound of the bedroom or your office.

Entrance doors from the Familia collection ideally suited for traditional architecture. Simple and yet elegant design of the built ornament, as well as an unlimited number of color solutions allow you to create a unique image of your main entrance. All doors in this collection also have a high sound-proofing properties. Doors from the collection Familia supplied with glass saving class GAMMA. Sealant, polystyrene insulation and energy-efficient windows guarantee a high level of insulation entrance door Familia. Familia doors have 10-year warranty. The threshold of solid wood includes into delivery.

Robust structure interior doors Familia will be for many years to serve you and to please the eye. At your choice, we offer doors with a reamer from this collection. A wide range allows you to select a separate model for each room. With us you will also find variety of decorative glass and coloring options for the doors of this collection.

Sliding Patio doors allow you to take an innovative approach to the allocation of space, making room multi-functional, as well as give a feeling of spaciousness and length. The smooth glide, ease of use and minimal space, which occupies construction itself, is obvious advantages in choosing the doors. Installation of sliding doors would be the best solution for the need to increase the incoming light in the room. The design of sliding doors perfectly fulfills the function of balcony and terraced doors. Whatever the function or carrying a sliding door in any of these options it will give your interior originality, and appearance of integrity.

Eco House™ is your long term partner!

Full details of the doorway Eco House™ you will find in our catalog.